Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Travel Log 10-28-2: And Finally Off the Path Part 6

     And here it is folks-

Off the Path Part Six

      "C'mon guy's. I know you're out there and I know you're going to pull some lame prank. Might as well give it up now."
      Tiffany peered into the deeply shadowed woods and thought she could make out the shape of someone hiding in the brush. A giggle carried out on the slight breeze. A flash of red began to weave in and out of the trees just beyond where she could see well.
       "This is so stupid guys. Just come on out."
        "You can't catch me" a young sing song voice sounded from the trees.
         "What's a kid doing out here?" Tiffany muttered as her boots crunched the dried out leaves at the tree line.

     When Amanda lead her down the road to the edge of the tree line where a group of kids was waiting, Tiffany tried to reassure her again.
     "It's just a stroll through the woods Amanda, nothing to worry about. I'm sure they'll plan some loser prank to scare me, it won't work, and then we'll have a good laugh about this tonight."
      Amanda stopped short of where the other kids were gathered and turned to Tiffany.
      "If you come out of those woods tonight whole and sane I will be shocked. I have a really bad feeling about this. I'll ask you one more time, please don't do this."
        Her eyes pleaded with Tiffany, and she almost relented, until Millie broke from the group and strode over.
       "Chickening out at the last minute freak? Ready to concede and run back to your aunt the witch?"
        The smirk that accompanied the words sent a steel rod up Tiffany's spine and she strode forward with bravado.
        "Ready when you are small town. I've seen much creepier things than a few trees."
         The teens were fairly solemn as they gathered around her and presented a long red scarf that had been stuffed in a pocket. As she wound it around her neck Millie began outlining the rules for her little expidition.
      "Here's the deal. You have to wear the scarf the entire time you're in the woods. You'll follow the path that starts right here. You'll stay in the woods until three hours after the sun has passed completely behind the mountain. You can't cheat and just hang out at the edge of the woods. You have to follow the path until you reach the end or the time is up and then return. We'll be waiting for you here when you come screaming out."
        Tiffany sent an unimpressed sneer Millie's direction and headed over to the trail that had been pointed out.
        "This is really the best you could come up with? A stroll through the woods, and not even until full dark? Wow. You're a bit lamer than I thought. Oh well see you in a while." And with a wave she turned and headed into the tree line.

And that's it for tonight. Tomorrow night- The Conclusion of Off the Path!

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  1. The startling conclusion? The thrilling conclusion? The bloody conclusion??? Which will it be?