Thursday, October 29, 2009

Travel Log 10-29: A Little Tidbit

As I've been running around this week I've taken little moments to think and reflect on the season and the changes it brings about. Which of course made me feel better, lol.
     But anyway, here is  a little tidbit I jotted down while waiting for interviews. It made me smile.

    The Witching Hour

     The night is filled by the cries of crows
     Through the cemetary a chill wind blows

     Mist crawls and creeps along the ground
     Trees sway making eerie sounds

     The moon rides high casting her silver light
     All is ready, tonight's the night

     Stoke the fire, keep it hot
     Fill the cauldron, stir the pot

     For by the pricking of my thumbs
     Something wicked this way comes

     Grab your broom and take to the sky
      Rejoice, for the witching hour is nigh

Because at this time of year I feel especially close to her, here is a chant honoring The Morrigan that I found at  Casting the Runes :
Honoring The Morrigan
She the Queen of spirits,
She, the mistress of the night,
Lady of the darkworld,
Shapeshifter, raven and shadow,
She the harbinger of fate,
She the keeper of the gate,
She the mistress of all wyrd,
She the washer at the ford
Protector of the sacred land
The sacrifice She claims,
I give respect to Morrigan
The ruler of the slain.


  1. That's just a tidbit you just jotted down?? It's beautiful!

  2. Thank you very much=).
    My best friend always used to want to kill me when we were in college and took a poetry course together. I would write my assignments as everyone else was presenting theirs and still get an A. Drove her nuts.
    I can do quick and slightly insightful, but I'm horrible at epic. Someday I hope to correct that.

  3. A little tidbit? It would take me 3 days to write something like that. LOL

    It's beautiful.