Monday, October 5, 2009

Travel Log 10-5: Glue Sticks Suck..

In the spirit of the Blog Party, and because I had a case of temporary insanity a few weeks ago and decided to let my kids have a Halloween party, I spent my evening making home made invitations. I found a cool set of halloween cardstock at Micheal's and made a nice template that I printed out on vellum. What I forgot was that I would have to cut out and glue each and every one. I had not planned for this. I was not prepared. I wept like a small child. Then I recruited my OH and felt better. Misery, she does love company!
But they are done now, and don't look absolutely horrible, lol.
Tomorrow I'm off to the pumpkin patch so I get to have fun! Yay bouncy castles!

Here's a little tidbit I found that seemed to fit my mood tonight. It's a problem go away spell by Donald Tyson at Witchery . Here it is for all of you=):

 Problem Go Away Spell

To solve a problem that has no seeming solution, write it down briefly over and over on thirty small sheets of paper. Make the words smaller and smaller on each succeeding sheet, so that they fill the first sheet but are so tiny on the last sheet that they can barely be read. Staple
these sheets together into a booklet. Each day, tear off one sheet and destroy it either by ripping it into tiny fragments, or burning it. As you destroy the sheet, say:

Days pass, leaves fall,
Time is stronger than us all.

When the last leaf of the problem booklet is destroyed, go forth confident that the problem has lost its power over you and can be overcome once and for all.


  1. Any party that requires glue to plan is an ambitious undertaking! Glue is evil stuff. ;)

  2. I want to see the invitations! LOL

    Thanks for the spell. I'm actually going to use this. I have a problem right now that just doesn't have an acceptable solution.
    I hope hope this spell will help me.


  3. Oh - I still have nightmares about glue sticks from when my neices are little - eek!

    Have fun at the pumpkin patch!

  4. Thanks for this spell! I would love to use it - sometimes i have too many of those aching problems that just wont go away:)