Friday, October 9, 2009

Travel Log 10-9-2: Of Smurfs and stuff

The funniest thing happened this morning. As I was taking my OH to work we passed a business I had noticed the day before so I pointed it out. It's called Smurfit-Stone. I giggled, what can I say I am a child of the 80's.
     Of course when my OH saw it he made the inevitable comment- "I wonder if when they're angry in there they say smurf you."
     At which point a small voice from the backseat pipes up with "smurf you too." It was hilarious. I thought I was going to pee my pants. Squirticus does it again, lol. Teach us to forget that little ears have big mouths.

     But in blog party news I've been running on lack of sleep these past couple days ( squishisaurus rex is teething, argh) so for some reason I've been on creative over load. So I have 2 new drawings inspired by the season that I'm working on getting colored in ( if anyone can tell me a better way to do this than pixel by pixel in paint I beg and implore you to let me know), and I've got a story coming through that I think I'll put in here as a serial. I actually got the spark from Wendy over at Athena Academy when she posted about the stories that her Step father had in his book. That met with my obsession with fairy tales, Little Red Riding Hood in particular and viola we have a story that won't stop running through my head until I write it down. But don't worry it's very halloween-y, now if only my main character would die in the horrible manner I have laid out for her!
     Here is a sleep dedication I found over at   Magic Spells and Potions . I hope it works for me tonight  :

The time has come
to let my body rest
and gently, I drift

from the day
and into the night
starlit bright,
the colour blessed dimensions
are awaiting me.

There I will do
my work and my play
until it is time
to return to the day

Smooth and gentle
ocean wide,
in and out
in even Flow -

Now I bid myself goodnight
and with that,
turn out the light.


  1. I love the things children say! Smurfirific!

    Main characters can be such a pain. The uncooperative ones definitely deserve the fate authors have in store for them.

    Is yours considering grabbing a woodsman's axe and making the wolf her dinner???

    How kind of you to say that the post on dad-Charlie's book inspired you. I'm honored!

    So I hope to see that serialized story up soon. If your character will let you complete it. ;)

  2. LOL "Smurf You, too" I'd have DIED! :P

  3. Oh yes...I can see why you were hysterical!
    Kids are just so darn cute and funny. :)