Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Travel Log 10-6: I Felt In the Muse

Well we didn't make it to the  pumpkin patch tonight. The Weremonkey lead the charge on a battle against homework but in the end the entrenched forces of M.O.M (matriarch outlawing mischief) prevailed and all was right in the land.
     But I did get slapped in the back of the head by a wandering muse and got some poetry done.
      So I thought I would assault you all with it, cause I'm just that kind of girl.

So here it is.
     this one I wrote in a more light-hearted mien.
     Song of Samhain

     Pile the wood high my child,
     Strike the flint and light the tinder
     Tuck away the grain my love,
     Autumn's chill brings harvest's end

     Warm the ovens my dear,
     Give your skill to the God's gifts
      Watch the wise old owl my heart,
      We shall walk with the Crone once again

       Strike the band my dove,
       Dance with joy to banish the Lady's grief

       Keep the bonfire fed my charm,
       We keep the light shining all through the dark

This one I wrote more for the shadowed side of the season:

      Shadow's Eve

    A chill wind has begun to blow,
    The world echoes with the cries of the Carrion Crow

    The trees sacrifice their leaves to winter's bite,
    Now has come the time ruled by the night

    Bonfires crackle and spit, their flames talk,
    Down the moonlit paths the Ancient Crone walks

    The last of the earth's bounty is tucked away tight,
    We gather together to celebrate the last of the light

    Ancestors and loved ones whose time has passed,
    Part the veil to join, once again, the feasts amassed

    We thank the Lord for his coming sacrifice,
     The Ladies tears a reminder that always life has a price

     The time of growing things is done, darkness will fall
     We give thanks and hope, with the will of the Gods, the wheel will again revolve

And just because I felt I owed her one ( I think it was Erato, but as so often is the case it might have been Thalia- she invades such a large part of my life, lol)  here  is an excerpt from Solon The Emancipator of Athens (6th century B.C.)'s prayer to the muses:

"You glorious children of Memory and Olympian Zeus, Muses of Pieria, hear me as I pray.  Grant me from the blessed gods prosperity, and from all mankind the possession ever of good repute; and that I may thus be a delight to my friends, and an affliction to my foes, by the first revered, by the others beheld with dread."

    If your ever looking for a pagan relevant ancient roman or greek qoute check out Hypatia's Bookshelf .


  1. Lovely poems! Because I am "darkly inclined" the second is somewhat closer to my heart, but as one jut daring to step on the path of the craft...or how to say this? - the first one is also a wonder. I always loved poems - loed only those - that instantly created pictures in my heart, and the first one surely did that.

  2. Oh I have just read Your comment. How interesting! I was always so proud of Him, and loved His accent - and very much moved by the story of His death. How sad to die that way...:(

  3. Yes I have a hedgie! She is a monster though, nothin of the nice cuddly behaving hedgies You see on Youtube. She is really a morose kind of girl, but in our eyes, the loveliest one still in the universe.
    Then what happened to Your plans? After all, did You get the heddgie?

  4. Nope. It's apparently illegal to have them here, so you can't find them. But I did have, until she passed recently, a gorgeous silver scottish fold. Now we're either going to get a squirrel or a tortoise, lol.

  5. Really lovely!
    You're an incredible writer.