Sunday, September 26, 2010

Travel Log 9-26: Of Lemon's and Things

 I have discovered the nectar of the gods. It is not up on Mt. Olympus as once believed, nor is it hidden in some fairy raft. It was, in fact, hiding in plain sight in a recipe listed by the wonderful, genius woman who runs the Down To Earth Blog. I made some this afternoon and had to immediately make toast just to have something to eat it on. If you get the chance try this. It is really not a lot of work for the 2 pint jars of sunshine yellow heaven that it produces. If you can't tell I like it, lol.
     Also on a more personal note I had an interesting experience last night in the spiritual realm that was, well, a first for me. i was doing a meditation session with my hubby and I let my mind drift into the directions that my life has taken lately. For once I had what I would call a full blown subconscious visualization, with list of complaints and demands for promises to do better. I'll probably give you all a detailed account later, but for now I was just wondering if things like that were common with other's practices?

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  1. Not sure what you mean about the list of complaints and demands, but I'm a very visual meditator - I "see" everything when I'm meditating. I sometimes try more Eastern meditation where I am looking for a "nothing" experience - but usually I stick with what I'm used to and come out having had a very 'real' meditation.