Monday, November 22, 2010

Travel Log 11-22: Oh What A Weekend It Has Been!

I have been busy busy busy this weekend. I got all the craft shopping done for Yule presents and got some of the stuff made. I even took pictures of the final products! So yay for me remembering visual aides!
     I do want to give a shout out to one of my favorite stores, Dragon Marsh, and if you happen to be anywhere near Riverside Ca and you haven't already, then check this place out. They have everything from herbs and essential oils (and staff on hand that knows all of their uses from medicinal to spiritual) to tools and even fabrics for robes or period clothing. The staff is awesome and perfectly willing to help and answer any questions you may have! So yeah, they rock, lol.
   But back to what has occupied me this weekend!
Oh and I finally got pics of the rolls that I made! the kids helped me this time so they were extra fun to make.
And here is one of the little tidbits going into the gift baskets that my friends and family will be getting for Yule this year-
These are my first foray into the world of soaps. Admittedly it was the melt and pour type, but for this craft that is the best. They are single use rose petal soaps all tied up in cute little bags! I used a yellow tint to make them butter yellow, and a tangerine-lychee sent to make them smell purty.
   And then with the left over soap I made these-
I got a mold and made a few of these pretty little bars to go with the petal soaps.
    And then I found these awesome little bottles and filled them with a sugar-lemon face scrub.
Here they are lined up and waiting to be finished off with some light olive oil for a moisturizing face scrub!
Aren't those bottles just adorable??? Aren't they??
   And then the crafting weekend wouldn't be complete without firing up the 'ol sewing machine and cranking out some seams. I made These adorable little reusable tea bags-
I still need to make a few more of these and I got a couple other patterns, but for $2 squares of fabric they look pretty good huh?
     I also got a bunch of herbs, which is where the great people at Dragon Marsh came in (they answered all my silly questions with a ton of patience and even steered me towards different options for some of the really rare herbs on my list), and am going to make some homemade herbal teas to go with the bags but I haven't gotten to those yet. And I plan on making those little jars prettied up (there will be ribbon, oh yes there will be ribbon!)
     So that was my weekend. Pretty fun and I got a lot done! Now I gotta start working on getting the baking done for Thanksgiving!*

    *I just noticed how many exclamation points I used in this post and I do apologize. They say excessive use of punctuation is a sign of a disturbed mind, so you guys should have expected it really...

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  1. I just LOVE your exclamation points!! And your crafts! Tee hee...I must have a disturbed mind too. How wonderful!!