Friday, November 26, 2010

Travel Log 11-26: The Day After

 Thanksgiving is over...thank all the gods available!
   This was the first time that I handled Thanksgiving. Admittedly it was just for our little family (all 6 of us), but it was the first time we actually did the whole huge meal thing. Prep lasted 2 days with me and my daughter (9) doing the baking on Wednesday and then me, her, and my hubby doing everything else yesterday. We had pumpkin bread, honey wheat rolls, sweet potato banana mash, mashed potatoes, apple honey glazed turkey breast, apple topped pork loin, pumpkin spice bars, triple chocolate cake with butterscotch whipped cream frosting, and gingerbread with maple whiskey cream sauce (thanks again Mrs. B for passing that link and idea on, it was sooooo good!).
      I can now admit that in my zeal to make the perfect holiday meal I may have gone a little overboard. We ate no where near this amount of food, and I fully anticipate eating left overs for the rest of the month at least, lol. It was an intense 2 days. It was the first time that me and my daughter spent that much time together in the kitchen and it was awesome, so this is now a tradition that we will keep up every other year (my 2 older kids split holidays with their dad and me). I never had that type of time with my mom, we were going out to eat every night from when I was 6. So this is completely new to me to have this kind of bonding time over an oven or a cook top. It's really nice and I hope that she likes it as much as me.
    The dinner was a success and we gathered around our table and told each other what we were thankful for over turkey, pork, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (my 3 year old is VERY finicky and loud). It was great.
     The kitchen however looked like a very large and messy war had been waged and there were no survivors, but I figure that's pretty traditional too. I was extra thankful that my hubby rolled up his sleeves and helped me get it done so now my kitchen is almost back to normal.
     How was your day?

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