Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Travel Log 12-15: Things That Make Me Cry...

    Now I usually won't admit this, but I am slightly sentimental (ok I am a sap...). There are certain things that will always make me choke up and swear that there are large grains of sand in my eyes.
     Surprisingly enough one of those things is How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the animated one, not the Jim Carey one). I even know the Whoville Christmas song. I just can't help it. Despite the years that have passed since I stepped away from that faith there are still ideals in it that will touch my heart. The ideas of overwhelming love and acceptance are hard not to admire (and wish fervently that they were the ascendant ideals in this day and age...ahem, stepping slowly back off the soap box).
      Another thing is a green frog singing a song about rainbows. In fact that was the only thing that made me seem to have the appropriate emotions while at my mother in laws funeral a couple years ago. They had the Kermit The Frog version of Rainbow Connections (it's the only version that makes me tear up for some reason) and I would start crying every time it played. Now I am not heartless and there wasn't any seriously bad blood between me and my mother in law, but the fact is I had only met the woman once, for a couple hours( my husband is from Indiana and I live in California, they only visited once for a couple days).
     And somehow my children have radar for this. They set up mini film festivals in our house with these films included because "mommy likes them so much she cries" (they apparently aren't buying the "I was just chopping onions" line). Since when did crying mean you like something???
     Oh well, It's the holidays, let them have their fun torturing me. I am after all , a parent and it is in the job description (learn to read the fine print people, learn to read the fine print). Just wait until they are 16 and going on a date *rubs embarassing pictures of children lovingly* oh yes, just wait...

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  1. I was caught crying by the kids over the movie Jack frost the other day! LOL Yup I got picked on!!!