Friday, December 17, 2010

Travel Log 12-17: All I Want For Yuletime Is...

...not to have to get 2 root canals today.
    But my dentist insists. Something about decay and making the pain go away. Personally I think it is all a ruse and they are all sadomasochist animals. But then that just may be my phobia talking.
    Ahem. On to the more important business of the day- announcing the winner of my Yuletime Giveaway!

Drumroll please......(duhduhduhduhduh).....And the winner is........Robin Larkspur of Wiccan Writes!

Shoot me an email with your contact info and I'll get it shipped out!


  1. Trav, I feel your pain and I hate that you have to have the root canals....arrghhh!! I loathe the dentist and would feel much despair if it was me!! But despite your ordeal, you have taken the time to announce the winner of your giveaway, and it is....drumroll....ME!!!! Hey, that is super fantastic,and I thank you very much!!! Let us all know how you survived the dentist. Thanks again! Robin.

  2. Ouchie, I'm sorry about the root canals :/

  3. Congrats to Robin!

    I hope your procedures went as well as they could! I personally hate visits to the dentist, so I definitely sympathize with you. Let us all know you've survived the ordeal! *hug*