Thursday, December 9, 2010

Travel Log 12-9: Thursday's Cool Site of the Week

I've decided that I need to start structuring what I put on here so that I don't go weeks without posting anything at all or just wandering around and reading all of your blogs and not doing anything of my own, so here's my new weekly installment:  Thursday's Cool Site of The Week!
    I spend so much time surfing the web I think I have a massive Cyber Sunburn by now so I figured sharing some of the cool stuff I find with you guys would be fun! (that and I think my husband is getting a little tired of the "honey come look at this cool stuff that you don't know what it is and it's going to take me an hour to explain it to you" right when he gets home)
     Anyone else who wants to try this go right ahead I would love to see what you guys find out there in Cyber Space.

Sorry it's up so late this week. Got caught up taking the cat to the vet and will post about my trip to Armstrongs later (but I now have 2 new plants to try my green thumb out on). But here is the Thursday's Cool Site of The Week!

 This week, since it's the holiday time and I have kids, I thought I would highlight a great little website that gives some great resources for pagan parents around the different holidays throughout the year. For those of you who have not seen it it's called Pooka Pages and it's awesome!
    It's based around an adorable little cottage witch named Elsie and her familiar a black cat named Pooka.  There are stories and art work by  Lora Craig-Gaddis and they are great touchstones for kids. Also there are the awesome Pooka Pages which are magazines that come out for the major holidays and really bring the spirit of the holiday in question and give kids a way to get involved with crafts, stories and coloring pages. You can get the Yule Pooka Pages here. Lora has a heart of gold and offers all of this for free. She has sections for crafts, herbs, and recipes- all witchlet friendly.
     So for this week the Pooka Pages is my cool site of the week!


  1. OMGdess I've loved that sight for years!!!!!!!! I got a copy of one of their pictures signed by the artist at a fair a few years back, I was so excited. Have you seen the paper dolls inn their shop? Almost wish I had kids for an excuse to buy them. Now if they had cat toys I'd be all over them lol

  2. Thanks for the Link...I dont have any witchlets at home anymore, but this looks like a great site. Good job, Trav!