Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Travel Log 3-29: Chldren's TV Tuesday

   Seeing as I have 2 small savage creatures sweet little boys living in my house, I see probably more than my fair share of children's tv. Now as an adult, watching these shows is a completely different experience than my little monsters little sweetlings are having. Being an adult I am beset by questions and critiques that would never occur to a child and they generally make me want to sit down with the writers of these shows and shout WHY???!!! at the top of my lungs.
    So now I'm going to share it with you.
    We'll start with the one that gets to me the most and see how many Tuesday's we can eat up with them, shall we?
     Here we go-
    Max & Ruby on NickJr.

    A sweet show about a pair of brother/sister bunnies and their adventures in a cutesie 1950's-esque town full of other bunnies. Ruby is the often managing older sister that cares for her slightly mischievous little brother in between her tea parties and Bunny Scout activities. Their approximate ages are about 6 for Ruby and somewhere between 3-4 for Max. Which leads me to my main question-
     Where are these kid's parents?????
     They live in their own house with only 2 bedrooms, occupied by themselves, and no one else. No adult lives with them. Now these two seemingly orphaned bunnies are not without relatives. Their grandmother lives right down the street in fact. She pops in on them periodically, or has them over to play in her attic, but is not an everyday part of their lives. There are various other adults that the kids see periodically but NO ONE mentions their parents, or lack there of. Which drives me nuts and really makes me want to know what the heck happened. Were they caught by lucky charm vendors? Since it's 50's themed maybe they were in the war and died. It just drives me nuts not to know.
     Besides my devouring curiosity about  these bunnies parental units, the show is pretty cute. There are a lot of old fashioned activities and games, as well as a little peek into 50's social activities (Ruby learns quite often how to be a "proper hostess"). And Max's antics can be pretty funny. As advanced as he is with various rube goldberg style set ups he's already a physics prodigy and therefore needs to get in the MIT preschool pronto.


  1. I am SO glad someone else has thought of this besides me!!! When my DD watches this show, DH and I are often asking where Max and Ruby's parents are. Thanks for making me feel not so crazy!

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  3. Sorry about the delete, i noticed i had typos. haha i so miss those kid shows...mine watched nik and ch 2 (public...sesame street and mr rogers) lol But thats a good question...wonder if the children that are watching the bunny show even notice there are no parents?? I swear every single show that is on tv these days needs to be monitored. I long for the cartoons that i watched on saturday mornings lol flintstones, jetsons, josie and the pussycats. Gawd i just aged myself!

  4. First time my daughter and I saw the show, my grandson was watching it.. she and I both looked at each other when it was over and said, "where the heck are these kids' parents?" lolol

    My NEXT thought was, "Um, what older sister actually has THAT kind of patience with a little brother?"

    Glad to see that's the prevalent question out there!

  5. Yes, I think so many people wonder Max & Ruby's parents are. I think they were made into rabbit stew or something..

  6. Thank you guys for understanding my insanity, lol.
    Sushiq: It's always great to know we're not riding the crazy train alone, huh?
    MidnightSage: I didn't know you could delete your own posts..I am so going to be using that in future! And my daughter absolutely loves Josie and the Pussycats. Boomerang plays ALL the old cartoons, even ones I never saw!
    Kallan: Yeah that is my second problem with that show, lol. I'm a mom and I'm not even that consistently patient with my little'uns.
    WhisperingWriter: That's awesome. Now I'm going to be picturing the day that the hunters come to Bunnyhop, lol. I am so picturing a draft/ lottery situation with all the bunnies lining up the hunter walking up and down and pointing at their parents, complete with dramatic music and quavering lips. And now I'm laughing my butt of. I am one sick, sick puppy, lol.