Sunday, March 27, 2011

Travel Log 3-28: Thrifty Thrifty Thrifty

Well it's been a busy weekend over here. We hit the thrift stores and I came away with some pretty cool finds.
    Our kitchen walls are covered in cabinets except for this one corner by the doorway and I've been wanting to put a shelf there for my cook books for a while. Well guess what I found this weekend....
   My lovely hubby put up this newsed (a term I picked up from my days in the car business, lol) corner shelf for my cook books! Guess how much this lovely cost us?  Go ahead, guess. Under $5.00 including picking up the hardware from Walmart.
   We also picked up this lovely silverware box for $7.00
  I'll be painting or decoupaging it at a later date (mainly because I can't pick what I want to do with it). Oh and the box on top of it is one of the boxes I got from Micheal's on sale a while ago and currently houses my dried herbs.
    And my personal favorite find, that the hubby snagged out of a random jumble box of kitchen utensils..drum roll please...
A BREAD SLICER! I've been looking for some way to make slicing my home made bread  easier to slice, and here it is for $2.00. Woot!
   I also came up with a pretty nifty craft that is super cheap and turns out pretty darn well if I do say so myself. I'll have a tutorial and pics tomorrow. I gotta go finish making my bread and whip up some muffins for breakfast tomorrow.
   Feels good to be back to myself.

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  1. What great finds!! I'm so glad you're feeling more like you again!