Sunday, September 27, 2009

Travel Log 9-27: Home At Last, Sweet God's In the Heaven's, We're Home at Last

Well the busy weekend is finally done and I do believe that I shall have to sleep with one eye open in case my feet make good on their threat and try to kill me in my sleep.
    The weremonkey that is my 9 year old tied 3-3 in his soccer game (second in the season) in horrible heat, so we are pretty darn proud.
    Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was  a let down from the book, but still pretty good. After the Harry Potter series and the X-Men series I have learned to let the book to movie conversion go( watching X-Men nearly gave me an aneurism and my OH told me he wouldn't take me to any more movies if I didn't learn to relax.). That and Transformers did me a world of good, lol,  cause it was virtually screw up proof. There is nothing that a movie could have done to that franchise that was worse than what they had already done to itself ( Beast Wars *shudder*).
     And as I'm sure you've noticed by now I am a geek. A very large geek =).
    The Fair was about what you would expect from a fair for LA County, but a fun time was had by all. Giant snow cones were consumed, horse races were witnessed, nifty art crafts were done, and shopping happened.
   And now I'm off to get kiddo's in bed and slither between the covers myself. Morning comes early.

Before I go here is a little tidbit I found at Witchery . It's a calming herbal bath that sounds absolutely heavenly:

Winding Down Herbal Bath

This bath herb blend is perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day. The valerian contributes to a nice, sleepy, calming effect. Unplug the phone, light some candles, and have some comfy jammies ready to slip into!
1 part dried hops
1 part dried chamomile flowers
1 part dried lavender buds
1/4 part dried valerian root
lavender essential oil (optional)
Combine all herbs and add 1 drop lavender essential oil for each 3/4 ounce (weight) of total herbs used. Put into a glass container with a lid – a big, empty, clean mayo jar is perfect! – and gently shake to blend. Let the jar sit for at least a week to allow the herbs to
Use 3/4 ounce (weight) of the herb mixture per bath. The herbs can be tied up in a muslin bag or sealed into a press and brew tea bag, either of which can be dropped into the tub while it’s filling with hot water.
Alternatively, put the herbs in a bowl and cover with a pint of boiling water. Allow to steep for 20 minutes, then strain and add the infusion to the bath. The strained herbs can be tied into a washcloth, which can be used to gently scrub with while soaking.


  1. Oh, I had the same issues with Harry Potter and X-Men (I didn't even bother to see the other 2 movies). I've tried to accept it and just let go too. LOL

    The winding down herbal bath sounds like something I need after this weekend!

  2. At least you have somewhere to actually see the movies...there isn't a cinema within a two hour drive around here, so I always have to wait for the DVD.
    I haven't even seen the HP film yet!
    You may want to hold your nose with the valerian...I love the smell, so do cats, rats and earthworms, but many people HATE it...
    It does relax you though...

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and your compliments! I am now following you in your travels!

  4. Wendy: yeah after the second X-men movie I stopped watching. And I know have a personal vendetta against the director and producers for insisting on having actors who had never read or heard of the series so that they could butcher it unhindered. Oh and I stopped watching Harry Potter after the 4th movie, lol.

    Celia: The Valerian wasn't so bad, especially since it dropped me to sleep VERY quickly =).

    Precious: Thanks for stopping by, I really like your blog, and Welcome aboard!

  5. Okay, everybody thinks I'm weird when I tell them this...but I haven't read or watched the Harry Potter series.

    How terrible am I? LOL

    Glad you had a great weekend!