Thursday, October 1, 2009

Travel Log 10-1: October is here!!

I love this time of year, and this morning there was  nice chill wind and I could smell the hints of winter that always say October to me.
   And so much is going on here in Blogland!
   First I would love to thank Wendy over at Athena Academy for the awesome contest win. Thanks to her and her sweet little boy my 9yr old were-monkey will get to try out the new Spellquizzer program! I'll let you all know how it goes=).
    In response to my brain exercise from yesterday here is the best I could find on it from a website on the origins of words and saying by Micheal Quinion-

"It belongs with a huge set of such expressions, mostly but not all American, which no doubt your Chinese friends would be equally puzzled by: cute as a bug in a rug, cute as a button, cute as a weasel, cute as a kitten, cute as a (pet) fox, cute as a bunny, cute as a speckled puppy, cute as a cupcake, cute as a kewpie doll, cute as a razor (nick), as well as the deeply deprecatory cute as a washtub (from Raymond Chandler’s Farewell My Lovely) and cute as a shithouse rat (in James Joyce’s Ulysses).
Some of these are lesser-known variations of common similes (bugs in rugs are more often snug than cute, for example) and some of the older ones are using cute in its original sense of clever, shrewd or quick-witted (the word dates from the eighteenth century and is a shortened or aphetic form of acute). That sense has survived longer in British English than in American (“she might be too cute to fall into the trap”, Agatha Christie once wrote).
Here’s the earliest example I can find of your version:
“You are very cute, aren’t you?” the traveler said sarcastically. “Widder Wheeler says I’m cute as a Bug’s ear, and she knows.”
The News (Frederick, Maryland), 21 Apr. 1900."

   Stop over at Mrs. B's 31 days of Halloween and check out all the coolness she has arranged for us this season.
   Also the October Blog Party is here! Time to do a little something Halloween-y every day.
   Today the kidniks and I are going to paint mini pumpkins made from the cups of egg cartons. They should be really cute and I'll get pictures of them eventually, lol.
Welcome October, and let the Hauntings begin!

In the spirit of finding the spirits here is a little gem I found tocall on the wisdom of our ancestors by Karren Follett found int hte 2003 Witches Spell A Day Almanac:
     Write your perception of the situation on a piece of paper. Light black, red, and white candles, then cut an apple crosswise to reveal the star made by the seeds.
     Say the following:
        I send my voice across the veil
        To my ancestors that know me well
        Guidance needed wisdom bequest;
         Answers given to aid my quest
   Quiet your mind and recieve guidance. It may come immediately or in  a few days.
    Thank your ancestors and offer the apple to them.


  1. I hope the program works well for you and your weremonkey! I sent the information to the owner/creator, and you should receive your license soon. :)

    Hooray for Mrs. B's 31 Days and October!!!

  2. Happy October to you! Snagging your button - thanks for grabbing mine!



  3. Great little craft to start the month, can't wait to see pics!

  4. That's interesting. I never would have guessed that...

    Can't wait to see your little pumpkins. That is a cute idea. :)


  5. Wendy: I have it all downloaded and lie in wait for the weremonkey to get home from school so I can spring it on him! It is seriously cool, thank you again!
    Rue: Glad to have you aboard!
    Domestic Witch: I should have pics by the end of the weekend, lol. I'm horrible at actually getting pictures posted.
    Bridgett: I think that since it was mainly cowboys around the 18-1900's I think the drunk guess still applies! But I should have figured it's something like this. Like how nice used to mean precise. Kind of an interpretation of the cockney thing.