Friday, October 2, 2009

Travel Log 10-2: She's Crafty

Yes I know, cheesy Beastie Boys reference, lol. But I felt it kinda fit. In the spirit of the blog party I went out and gathered a bunch of stuff for halloween crafts for the kids party.
   I now have 13 paperbag lanterns specially cut with princess/fairy tale themes for my daughter and 2 "pumpkinmen" made out of funkin pumpkins for my son. I added a nice touch to the lanterns by backing the cut outs with colored tissue paper to make them glow different colors. They turned out pretty nice. When the whole yard is done I'll post some pictures.
And since it's busy busy time for the creative juices I figured I would include a spell I found at Mooncat's Hidden Dwelling  to help get those juices flowing:

Spell for Creativity

Gather together the following: a yellow or green candle, a tiny bit of cinnamon, paper, crayons, and a glass of water. If possible this ritual should be done outside, but more importantly, it should be somewhere where you are not interrupted.


Start the spell by taking a sip of the water. Enjoy the feeling of it flowing down your throat. Then close your eyes and picture a circle of light surrounding you. Open your eyes, and light the candle. Say:

Muse Goddess, spirit of all things,
Be with me now
Guide me and teach me
And help me find inspiration in your world.

Look around you. Try to see the detail in the world around you. Take note of any shadows, reflections or light. Look for textures and colors. Taste the water again, and enjoy the feeling. Sprinkle some of the cinnamon in the air or blow some off of the palm of your hand. Breath the air, and notice its smells. When you're ready, say:

Muse Goddess, I know I'm not always as observant of your world as I should be. I know I often forget to treasure all your gifts. I get stuck in what I think is the ordinary world, and I do not look beyond it. Help me, Goddess, to grow past that.

I know sometimes that I misuse your gifts, locking my talents away, because I am scared of failing. You give me ideas of beautiful things that I am to create, but I am scared to try, for fear that I cannot succeed. To often I judge my work by others standards, forgetting that all creativity is sacred to you.

(If you want you can continue the prayer with anything else that come to mind.)

Take out the paper and crayons, and draw things that to you symbolize creativity. Maybe a small flower would. Or maybe you'd want to draw the triple moon symbol. To me a symbol of creativity would include a picture of a small red crayon, because with one simple crayon a little child is free to draw a world of things. Do not judge your drawings, simply draw. Let yourself draw as a child would, requiring nothing of yourself but that you are drawing.

When you're done, say thank you to the Goddess for helping you draw, and then say:

Muse Goddess, let me be your child
Let me dance, and sing, and cry,
And let my life be a celebration of your world.

Close your eyes again, and say whatever words of thanks you want. Picture the circle of light around you again. Picture the circle changing into a ball of light and settling itself within you. The creative light of the Universe rests inside you.

Don't throw your picture out right away. Hang it up, or paste it into your book of shadows or your diary. When you're ready to throw it out (or burn it) say a prayer thanking the Universe for being with you as you drew it


  1. I love the Beastie Boys reference! I grew up with them and love them. ;)

    I've been in a wee bit of a creative lurch the past few days, so this spell came at just the right time. I'll be sure to give it a try!

  2. I desperately need this spell, as I'm totally lagging in the creativity department lately.

    It took me FOREVER to come up with that story I wrote for my blog. I used to be able to pop one of those little stories out in 45 minutes. ::sigh::

    And the only reason I thought of that story at all was because my shamrock tattoo on my neck was itching. LOL

    Isn't it funny, what inspires us?


  3. D: Yup, I had the entire License to Ill album memorized,lol.

    Bridgette: Just consider it the muse giving you a tickle, cause it was an awesome story!