Monday, September 28, 2009

Travel Log 9-28: Invoking Thought

I noticed today that one of the blogs I like has posted a nicely thought provoking post (The Secret Diary of a Mountain Witch ) which brought about a response post from another blog I enjoy ( A Racing Mind ), which reminded me of a post from a few days ago on yet another blog, lol (Howl from The North ). It seems like varying themes of this topic have been on people's minds lately, which makes sense with the new year coming up next month and all. The winter is coming and the long dark nights bring a lot of introspection so it only makes sense that some are starting a bit early.
    So head on over and check them out, then tell me what thoughts they invoke in you!

     I was kindly informed that this conversation arc arose from a post by Brennaein , so go forth and join in the conversation!


  1. Hello,

    Thank you for flying by my blog :) The Black Hat Society Network started as and is still a Pagan Online Community that I decided to go outside of the internet and start a BHSN Mett-Up Group in my local area. What is happening is that several Chapter Groups have begun to emerge due to the interest in others wanting one in their local chapter. We have one in NJ, 2 in PA (mine and another lady) 1 in SC and 1 in Canada :) If you would like an invite to our web community email me at and I will send one over to you.


  2. The proceeding comments in said blogs were in reply to my original post. My thoughts on the matter are written on my blog,

    I hope to see you there. Maybe you can comment and add to the conversation!


  3. A good conversation... I wouldn't mind hexing some people sometimes. LOL But they have to be reaaaallly naughty for me to actually do it (I've done it only once in 25 years of Witchcraft).

    A timely topic, it seems.

  4. Brennaein: Thanks for the heads up , I'll check it out =).

    Wendy: I agree, a large amount of naughtiness would be required.

  5. I've been reading all these! I love the differing opinions and how well thought out everything is.

    Very thought-provoking information.


  6. A great conversation should always bring about thought!