Monday, October 12, 2009

Travel Log 10-12: Oh How The Day Has Flown

Well today has rushed by, and unfortunately I'll have to pick up the next part of Of The Path tomorrow. Squishisaurus rex is teething like crazy and sleep was non existent last night. Add to that helping my son build his model Chumash dwelling and we have a mommy with cramped fingers and fried braincells. But on the happy side I got these awesome cookie/ baking trays that have Halloween pictures in them that imprint on whatever you bake in them. I've already made a batch of sugar cookies in them and they will make an excellent decorator cookie for the Halloween party.
   Oh and on a scary note I'll be getting new brakes put on my car tomorrow because on the way home from picking my husband up from his carpool they decided they were going to stop working. Luckily we were in a very slow zone, and not on the freeway, and we got home ok, but it was pretty scary and I thank the Gods we made it back ok.
   Here's a prayer of gratitude that I plan on sending out tonight that I found at  Rituals of Wicca :

Prayer: Gratitude to the cosmos

"Gratitude to the cosmos
swirling masses of dancers
dancer atoms
dancer gasses
dancer people
dancer animal people
dancer rocks
dancer of endless possibility
dancing emptiness
dancing reaches
& dancing arcs of outer space
dancing of all things that have ever been
and will ever be
Gratitude to the cosmos
And blessings."
by Francesca De Grandis, copyright 1992


  1. Ah, the joys of parenthood! I hope the new brakes work out and that you have nothing but safe driving in your future.

  2. Eeek! I can't imagine losing my breaks. How scary that must've been for you guys. So glad you're okay.

    Can't wait for the next part of the story.


  3. I have been there on the brakes giving out thing and that is enough to give you a couple grays. Glad you guys were ok. Feeling your pain on the teething too. My Diaper Diva is teething as well. Fun fun. Here's hoping today is better.

  4. Glad you are all right and I hope the little one will allow some rest soon. My precious Grandmother used to rub whiskey on my gums ... it seemed to work. Of course, she did this when i had diarrhea, threw tantrums or if I had trouble sleeping.

  5. Grateful that you got home okay! Very fortunate! Hope you get a bit more sleep tonight!

  6. Brakes are some finicky things, glad you got home in one piece.

    Hope you get some sleep soon!

  7. Thank you guys for the well wishes, and $600 later the brakes will be all shiny and brand new tomorrow!

    And I have now found new depths of lack of sleep, lol. But on the plus side everything is waaaay funnier now!