Friday, October 16, 2009

Travel Log 10-16: Excuses, Excuses

  Well I'm sorry to say that Off the Path will have to wait unitl tomorrow night. I'm working on HRH's birthday stuff tonight, and it's going to be a late one!
But to keep up with the blog party, and because I promised to post it when I finished here is the sketch I've been working on fully colored. Oh and btw- Does anyone know of any way other than pixel by pixel in paint to color pen and ink sketches? because I'm starting to see grids everywhere, lol.

Also what would you suggest naming it?


  1. Witchy Bubbles? LOL

    I'm terrible at stuff like that.

    How about, "No Warts Found Here!"

    Oh Goddess! I'll stop now, while I'm still ahead. (Or maybe not).

  2. How about a home made jacuzzi? lol.

  3. Very cute! :o)
    My son's birthday is today! Lots of b-days in October! :o)

  4. Love this pic! The Wicked Witch of the West get the last laugh! No melting here - LOL!