Thursday, October 15, 2009

Travel Log 10-15: A Very Lucy Moring

I decided to finish making my crustless pumpkin pie this morning (I know, foolish foolish woman!). The kids had helped me scrape out and bake the pumpkin last night(which I did TOTALLY wrong, lol) but tonight I have to pick my husband up all the way from work and not the quick trip to his carpool so there would be no way for them to help with the actual pie making because I would get back too late. So I got the bright idea to make it this morning so it would be ready for them when they got home from school.
    This was my first mistake,lol. Then I decided I would puree the pumpkin in the blender. This worked after a whole lot finagaling (note to self-don't put your blender on a shelf for a year and then expect it to do a big job, they don't like that).
     Then I got the brilliant idea to mix all the other stuff in there too and make it a clean one appliance job. Oh poor misguided woman, all the hearth and kitchen gods and goddesses must have been thinking. I am sure there was much shaking of the head and outright laughter in the heavens as I blissfully went along with my inspired plan- even singing to myself as I felt all domesticated and competent.
      All the ingredients fit in and I decided to put the sugar in last, through the little hole at the top. It was all going so well. Yes it was getting kinda close to the top, but one of the cool things about sugar is that it disolves right?
     One thing it doesn't do is dissolve quickly.
      So when I added the sugar, all in one brilliant lump, the liquid began to bubble up and out the little hole in the top that had been the vehicle for my own form of kitchen pumpkin slaughter.
      By the time I got the little cap back in it looked like a pumpkin had sprung a very good smelling artery all over my kitchen walls. And me. And the baby.
      The Squishisaurus, who had been sitting in his highchair eating banana's next to the counter,  looked at me with eyes, just under a splash of pumpkin across his nose and forehead, that seemed to say "please tell me I'm adopted."
      I couldn't help it. I dissolved into a hysterical fit of laughter on the kitchen floor. And the little Squisherton picked up his sippy cup with an amazing amount of dignity for someone with orange goop across his face, began to drink, and very studiously ignored the crazy woman on the floor covered in pumpkin and giggling.
Here is the link to the very good (and very detailed if you follow them) instructions on how to make pumpkin pie from scratch- with pictures!
      Pick Your Own

Remember- instructions are not just for suckers as my OH tell me! Learn from my example kids, read them, love them, thanks the gods for them!
     That's all for this mid morning PBS  special!


  1. Roflmas. That was totally awesome. I've had a few of those moments but yours totally takes the cake.

  2. See? This is why I let my husband cook the goodies in our house!

  3. Lol. I'm the main baker in the family here, and I'm pretty fledgling. Things like this happen a lot.

  4. Okay, that totally sounds like a Boo moment too. Domestic Witch, I am not. Although I'd like to be.

    But I tend to burn things, make huge messes, cut my fingertips off, and generally screw up every appliance in the kitchen.

    You had me giggling out loud reading this. That's always a nice thing. :)


  5. Oooh...I am so craving me some pumpkin pie right now. I better go to bed! :o)