Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Travel Log 10-14: Stuff and Stuff

Well I got my beloved car back today, with a brand new brake system. Apparently what had happened is the master cylander had fractured and leaked into something called the vacuum booster. Apparently that's a bad thing, Am I the only one who thinks of the felix the cat movie when they hear master cylinder?
     Well and unexpected trip to CalPoly Pomona brought about proof that college students have been stealing all the pumpkins and causing the shortage. And here it is

and that's just one half of the field!

     But that lead to me buying pie pumpkins in an attempt to make my own pie filling. this so far has not gone particularly well. I forgot to put some water in the oven when I baked them. So I have no idea how its going to turn out. But since squishisaurus has been teething, sleep is still an endanger species around here, so unfortunately I'll have to pick up Off the Path tomorrow night.
    I hope everyone is having a spooky week!


  1. I hope your car is working perfectly now! That is a problem I've never heard of... Nor have I seen "Felix the Cat" (but I've seen "Fritz the Cat"!).

    Pumpkins being stolen is not a good thing. What the heck are college students doing with them???

    I remember teething well! Get your rest.

  2. Felix the cat was a cartoon from waaaay back in the day. He had a magic bag that would change into anything. The made a movie in the 80's with the character and it was really trippy!
    Sleep finally happened last night!! I was so excited this morning. Oh what little things make us happy when we have children, lol.
    The pumpkin thing was a joke of mine. Since there is a shortage everywhere when we drove by the Calpoly field and saw hills full of pumpkins I thought it was funny. There is a huge ag program at that college and their farm store has so many pumpkins they are selling them for $5 each and don't care about weighing them. There is a pumpkin festival this weekend there to help get rid of them all and I am taking the brood to check it out.

  3. How cool -I would have loved college more if I'd been growing pumpkins there!

    Good luck with the pie! If all else fails, you can boil the pumpkin (cut the skin off first, and cut into cubes) but it's alot more work.

  4. Glad to hear your brakes are fixed.

    Oh and pumpkin stealing? What ARE they doing with them? LOL

  5. Well, that must be a relief for you. Brakes are always a good thing to have in a car. :)


  6. the new brakes rock. I even think about touching the pedal and the car stops =0)