Monday, April 18, 2011

Travel Log 4-18-2: The Battle For The Living Room

 Ok I have to share this with you all because I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.
      First thing you have to know is that I have arachnilepsy (the funny dance you do when you walk into a web). I HATE spiders with an all burning passion. I have been known to run out of a room and refuse to go back in until someone has gone in and killed the spider plus given me confirmation of the kill (I usually DEMAND to see the squashed body) before I will set foot in the room again.
     But tonight I was brave.
     I was a shoe wielding amazon that took down the horrid beast (all 3cm of it- the legs count!).
     This is how the cage match with the 8 legged monster went down...
     It was a normal evening here in our little house. The weather was gray and chilly out, but we were inside doing our usual routine. The kids were safe in another room watching a movie (Meet The Robinsons). I was on the computer and the Hubby was folding clothes and chatting to me.
     I happened to glance over at him, and SAW IT.
     Back lit by our living room lamp, there it was. 8 Legs and a tiny body, hanging by a thread from my dear hubby's hair.
     I froze in horror.
     Then I lept into action.
      I screamed for my hubby to hold absolutely still and looked around frantically for a weapon.
     I grabbed up one of my sneakers and ran to my husband.
     The monster was now sitting on his hair, right behind his ear.  I then looked away and attacked the horrendous thing with my trusty shoe.
    And thus, after many whacks of the shoe to my Husband's head, and one very quick shower, the Ordeal was over and the monster Vanquished!


  1. Arachnilepsy!!! LOL! great word! I have that too! I think your hubby must be made of steel to have stood still and allow a spider to land in his hair..oh the horror! And then to let you whack him with a sneaker! What a story! Hilarious! You are now the Spider-nator!!!

  2. LMAO!!! Poor hubby! I could totally picture your conquest as I was reading it. Congratulations on your victory!! Oh by the way, I usually read your post through RSS feed but since I'm commenting I'm here and I really like your layout! The lanterns are adorable!!!

    All Hail Women Who Kick A$$!!! LOL

  3. Robin: oh I didn't tell him what was going on until I was about to whack. The look on his face was priceless.
    Ripples: Thanks for the compliment =) the design is by Freyja Silver if you want to check out her stuff I have a link in my sidebar! I wish I knew how to do something this cute.

  4. LOL, only one word is needed for this post. Awesome. That is all. :)

    Also you new page looks is very nice!