Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Travel Log 4-19-2: Witches in Fiction #6 (or my Grannysims)

Magaly over at Pagan Culture is being kind enough to host this little get together, so here is my contribution to Witches in Fiction.
   My Favorite Non Alive Person (or A Tribute to Granny Weatherwax).

Granny Weatherwax ( captured here by Paul Kidby the official Discworld portraitist check out his site at http://www.paulkidby.net)

Here's my Granny wisdom for the day:
 From Hat Full of Sky:
'I make my own,' she said. 'Every year. There's no hat like the hat you make yourself. Take my advice. I stiffens the calico and makes it waterproof with special jollop. It's amazing what you can put into a hat you make yourself. But you didn't come to talk about hats.'

     This is from one of the Tiffany Aching series (Tiffany is a kind of mini me for Granny and is speculated to be at least as powerful, if not possibly more powerful than Granny someday) If you want a great post on Tiffany check out LJ's guest post over at Pagan Culture.
      This quote is really the reason that I have started on the adventure of making my own ritual tools. I have played at it here and there for quite some time, and you've seen some of my tutorials and here's my cool craft posts. But lately I've really gone from coveting the fancy, shiny baubles that I see all over the web and really looking at the serviceable, personal ones that I have made as the better choice. As Granny says- 'it's amazing what you can put into a hat you make yourself'.' It truly is amazing what you can put into a life you make yourself.

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  1. I believe in this 100%. When I was growing up my mother used to be crafty (out of necessary) we couldn't afford new clothes, so she'll make things from her old clothes (I've always been too thin to fit in the things people would give us or my sister's hand me downs). I loved everything my mom made and really took care of it. Yep, love and energy goes on the things that are a direct product of the sweat of our brows.