Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Travel Log 4-19: Children's TV Tuesday

Here's the next installment of my series examining children's programing from the perspective an adult held hostage and forced to watch it.

This week we're going to visit a show that I actually really like.
    Olivia from NickJr.
        I actually really like this show. Olivia is a little girl who lives with her mother, father, little baby brother William and her little bother Ian. She has a great imagination and is constantly turning everything into an adventure. She is a little fashionista and an artist. She has a best friend that she is staunchly loyal to, and a friend/ nemesis in the girl next door Francine (who has OCD parents that showcase how great Olivia's laid back parents are).
        The family is loud, loving, and supportive. I especially love the dad, who when confronted with Olivia trying to ship Ian off to Siberia explains that it really isn't feasable to pay for the shipping, complete with a fee caculation that ends up partially on the wall. There is even a line that constantly gets quoted in our house from the dad on this series. He is sent to the store with the children while his wife is home working on her event planning business. He proceeds to accidentally leave Ian at the grocery store and Olivia (despite being envious of Ian's piano skills) tells him that he forgot Ian before they get home. The dad retrieves him and when he's explaining it to Mom when they get home and she tells him how could you forget one of the kids at the store he replies- "Well maybe next time you should put them on the list of things to bring home."
     Yes folks, that's what kind of show this is.
      Now if only I could get my boys to watch it more than they watch Yo Gabba Gabba


  1. I like what you've said about Olivia. The Piano Man's little Princess is quite the adventuress, and I love it. But goodness does she ever like watching Barbie anything? Barbie usually gets on my Piano Man's and my nerves too, but we watch it. She likes Bob the Builder and many other educational shows, and like you, I wished she washed more of them and less Barbie.

  2. Her Royal Highness over here is in love with barbie too. I cannot stand those movies. They really need to hurry up making all of the Tinkerbell series so that I can start replacing the barbie stuff, lol.