Monday, April 18, 2011

Travel Log 4-18: Witches in Fiction #5 (or my Grannyisms)

Sorry I didn't post anything this weekend, it got kinda hectic over here, but we had fun. Went shopping and got some new summer tops, got all the easter shopping done, decorated our eggs (there is an awesome tutorial on how to do silk pattered eggs here and it really works! We had a lot of fun). And then on Sunday my dad and I took my Monkeyman to the classic car swapmeet. Hundreds of classic cars and classic car part and accessory  vendors. We have a '65 mustang that we're fixing up so we got a ton of ideas and some upholsterers numbers. It was a great weekend!
 Now on to business!

Magaly over at Pagan Culture is being kind enough to host this little get together, so here is my contribution to Witches in Fiction.
   My Favorite Non Alive Person (or A Tribute to Granny Weatherwax).

Granny Weatherwax ( captured here by Paul Kidby the official Discworld portraitist check out his site at

Here's my Granny wisdom for the day:

Granny Weatherwax had never heard of psychology and would have no truck with it even if she had. There are some arts too black even for a witch. She practised headology - practised, in fact, until she was very good at it. And though there may be some superficial similarities between a psychiatrist and a headologist, there is a huge practical difference. A psychiatrist, dealing with a man who fears he is being followed by a large and terrible monster, will endeavour to convince him that monsters don't exist. Granny Weatherwax would simply give him a chair to stand on and a very heavy stick.

    This one helps to remind me that sometimes, in this world of over evaluated second guessing, that my instincts are something to trust and be valued. Even sometimes acted upon. The 'rational' world of today wants us to believe that there is nothing beyond our basic sense. Everything else is explainable and simple. As a witch I have to agree with Granny and if I think there's a  monster I'm going to get my own chair and a very big stick.


  1. Oh Granny's headology, how I love it. The world works so much better when we stop believing that he impossible can't be accomplished and that that monster under our bed (or sleeping in it with us) is not real. Yep, we all need that heavy stick!

    Another great contribution, luv!

    P.S. I'm not going to tell you just how envious I am that you have the car of my dreams, but I'll give a hint: I had to open the door to let out some of the green. I want that car so bad! I almost purchase one to rebuild, but I don't have the space to keep it ;-( but one day, one day...

  2. I love this! Granny is my absolute fav' witch around. Except for maybe Nanny. But it's very true. I find that is the best way to handle kids with monsters too. When I took psych in college, my professor said the best way to deal with kids who are afraid of monsters was to give them a huge heavy, metal flashlight. Not for the light, but because it made a great club. LOL SO I guess maybe her headology and psychology are closer in kind than she thinks!

  3. Hi Trav, sounds like a very good weekend for you and the troops!! I am sorry and maybe embarrassed to say that I have never read the discworld books, please don't look too aghast at me!! But Granny Weatherwax sounds amazing! ANd by the way, I absolutely love the new look of your page, simply bee-u-ti-ful!!!

  4. Gumbo Soul - I like your former psych professor! What an intelligent/practical individual. I'm sure Granny would approve. And if he is a guy, Nanny would probably show him a good time ;-D

    Robin - I didn't read Dickens until I was 28; you should see the faces people made when I told them. Books are like wands, brooms (and annoying people in the train) they choose you lol

  5. Magaly: The car is a family project. Monkeyman is about the only almost 11 year old I know who is saving his allowance to buy a 351c engine, lol. I'll only have it for a little while, eventually it's going to go to him. Oh and whenever you're looking check out on this coast. They are going (fully restored) for about 6-7k out here. The market is so down on cars right now.
    Oh and don't get me started on Dickens. Loved A Christmas Carol- loathed Great Expectations.
    Gumbo Soul: I think I would have liked your psych teacher too =)
    Robin: If you want to laugh, and think about what you laughed at, pick up one of the series. they are all stand alone books, but some of them do contain the same characters and their personal progression. And thanks for the complement. I got the layout form Freyja Silver, she put her work out there gratis so if you want check her out by hitting up the button on my sidebar =).